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Primary sources in Philippine history are now available to the typical history teacher, thanks to the Internet.


Unfortunately, website owners are sometimes too focused on their own range of interest, e.g. Katipunan documents (Jim Richardson of http://kasaysayan-kkk.info/) or papers on Andres Bonifacio (Ari Ngaseo of http://bonifacio.blogspot.com/). Sometimes the user interface is just too daunting to the average teacher that he/she will most likely get lost if he/she doesn't know what he/she is looking for (e.g. http://quod.lib.umich.edu/p/philamer/ ).


This website was created to partly offset the burden of the teacher in trying to make sense of all these wonderful, yet frightening and overflooding amount of information available through the networks. I know. I wasted countless hours trying to make sense of them too.


That said, it was not, is not, and probably will never be the goal of this project to unify all of these source materials into one website for a much simpler user interface. I admit that one of the greatest advantage of compiling all of these materials into just one website with a single uniform user interface is the shorter learning curve for the teacher--once he/she enters the website and familiarize him/herself with the interface, he/she will know where the source attributions are, and where to find a specific document just by knowing something it (author, title, subject, year published, etc.)


We might put here some primary source texts which are not available anywhere else, provided that the text itself is public domain or we are allowed to post it here, but this will be an exception rather than the rule.

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